The Business of Personal Training

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“The Business of Personal Training: Essential Guide for the Successful Personal Trainer” is a handbook for personal trainers looking to start, improve, or diversify their business. The information in this book constitutes over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry in an effort to help personal trainers avoid common pitfalls and mistakes that can destroy the business.This book goes beyond personal training certifications and program design and provides invaluable information on how to:1. Structure and operate a business2. Create brand value3. Market and promote personal training services4. Effectively sell and generate revenue5. Drive referral business and customer loyalty6. Expand and diversify the business”If you want to understand how a successful personal training business should run, read this book. Twice. Just like a great movie has twists and turns you don’t notice until the second viewing, this book contains concepts that will require further digestion before it can be assimilated. While we all may change and evolve as industry professionals, the words of wisdom contained within these pages are (in my opinion) timeless.”Jamie Atlas, Owner, Bonza Bodies Fitness